Facts About Me

Facts About Me

When I was recently told that I should have a “facts about me blog” on my website I started trying to figure out what sort of things I should list. Of course the only things that were coming to my mind initially were fun facts so I became very skeptical about this advice. I mean, really, who wants (or needs) to know that:

-My favorite color is red.

-I’m a pretty doggone good roller skater.

-Monkeys are my favorite animal (don’t judge me!).

-I have the Bee Gees, The Monkees, AND the Partridge Family on my iPod—even though I’m pretty sure that this fact makes me cooler than most!


-If you offer me a choice between cake and potato chips, I’m more than likely going to choose the chips since I have almost NO sweet tooth….unless of course it’s a dark chocolate cheesecake, and then all bets are off.

Then it occurred to me that the type of facts I should probably be listing were the ones that qualified me to have a website and offer any tips, advice, or instruction to anyone who happened to be visiting here. So, with that in mind, I wrote a list of the things that you’d probably actually like to know. Then, I read and re read the list with all of its fascinating information (ha) and narrowed it down to two simple facts:

-Teaching is one of my great passions.


-Learning is my all-time very favorite thing to do in the history of ever, so…

Let’s Grow Together!

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