Protect Your Goals, People!

Don’t be satisfied to try and just live a “regular” life. Make plans to get to the endgame you want to have. Even baby steps will move you forward toward your goals.

I’m Scared To Death, People!

I expected the excitement, but not the fear—not the nightmares of failing. Vulnerable. Exposed. I think it’s the only way for dreams to come true.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams, People!

Age is a gift that contains retrospective views that can only be seen from here and the ability to interpret things much differently… Never stop setting goals and climbing higher!!

First Things First Pic

First Things First, People!

I would rather drown in this love than be rescued to live even one day without it, for this is the love that brings life to the drowning soul. And, as I celebrate and lay the old year to rest in the bank of my memories, I am taking with me only what matters most and falling for my First Love all over again…. as if for the very first time!

Old Man Cliffs of Moher 05

To Me, He Was Beautiful and Important

There is only one relationship that I can snuggle up to at any moment and pour myself out with absolutely NO inhibitions or fear of retribution for being…human.

TRUST Books on Shelf

First, the Book:

There is not one event or moment He has missed and, in a world entangled with uncertainty, overwhelming doubt, fear and heartache, there is a way To Really Untie Strings Totally. There is One you can completely…. T.R.U.S.T.

Milk Barn Front

Part 6: He Was Listening, People!

Marvin wanted sliding glass doors on our house, but I really wanted French Doors. It was His delight to show me that He was listening, and He did so deliberately.

Bay Window Build

Part 5: A Perfect Fit!

You wouldn’t think that in a world full of windows it would be so difficult to shop for and find any kind you wanted. NO! That is not the case.

Part 3: Honesty Time

Lying on my back, tears began to roll down my cheeks. We’d been so happy in the home we just sold and all I could see was a falling apart old hammer mill in my future.

Cinder Blocks, People!

Part 2: Cinder Blocks, People!

These blocks weren’t new. They were scattered in mountains of piles, mingled with debris; but, they were knitting our hearts together.

Rejoice, People!

Rejoice, People!

There is always a reason to rejoice and there is always an opportunity. It’s as simple as getting up in the morning.