Wild Boar-It’s What I Had In My Freezer

Wild Boar-It's What I Had In My Freezer

In my recipe for Wild Boar Pulled Pork, I am using a Wild Boar Ham Roast; however, any type of pork roast or pork loin will do. This is just what I had in my freezer….I know, I know. I can see all of your heads shaking as you read that statement and hear all of your thoughts saying, “Who has that in their freezer, besides Sheranna.” Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one by a long shot, especially with the growing population of wild hogs in our country in general and in South Carolina specifically.

When I got the call from my son telling me that one of our young hunter friends had bagged this varmint (if you have them on your property you know what I mean by varmint!) and asking me if I’d like to have it, I’m sure I sounded almost giddy when I said, “Um, YESSS!!” Having always wanted to try Wild Hog (because of all the raving about how tender, juicy, and over all yummy they are), I was extremely tickled to have one sent my way.

So, I called a local processor and asked if they would prepare it for me—they would, I asked the boys to take it to the processor for me—they did, and finally I picked it up and brought it home for us to cook, eat, and enjoy—we have!! This meat has NOT disappointed our expectations. Seriously, if you think store bought pork is good, you’ll be crazy about this kind of pork. If you ever have a chance to try it, DO! It has such a clean flavor it will surprise you.

In one of the pictures posted within the recipe you will notice the hollowed out bone; this is because I always leave these organic bones in with the meat as it cooks in order to let the marrow cook completely out of the bone and into the meat. The nutritional value of this cannot be overstated and it adds a creamy richness to the finished product. I have had to purchase pork bones before to make bone broth which I use for various things; so, I’m always excited when one of these little nuggets shows up unexpectedly. Like a little tasty, healthy treasure. If you’ve never done this with bones, I would encourage you to do so. I think you’ll be surprised!

Whether you use wild or domestic meat I’d enjoy hearing your version of pulled pork. I actually have several ways of making it which I will be sharing with you. Please comment below and share your thoughts and recipes with me and…

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